by Aakrit Prasad
Jun 6
8 min read
You spent countless hours working out the bugs in your Java application and getting its performance where you need it. During the testing, you noticed the application getting progressively slower over time, outright crashing or exhibiting poor performance. You go through your code and make sure you haven’t missed anything...

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by Britney Pierini
Mar 3
2 min read
Eight months ago we set out to start a philanthropy program from the ground up.  While it has been a recent edition to the AppDynamics culture, it has had a huge impact in its infant stage. For the past three years, we’ve participated in San Francisco Adopt-A-Family. From the beginning...
by Omed Habib
Oct 10
9 min read
Before you jump into creating KPIs for your Oracle database, clearly state and test your assumptions right up front. That has to come first. Otherwise, you’ll go down a blind alley many times trying to achieve better performance that will never happen because your assumptions were wrong in the first...

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by Tracy Kraft
Dec 12
1 min read
With every enterprise-grade software tool, there’s a right and a wrong way to use it. Luckily for AppDynamics’ customers, we have superb customer success team to help facilitate this process and teach our users the best practices — this might be why they keep recommending AppDynamics to their friends and...
by Sasha Jeltuhin
Sep 9
13 min read
Here at AppDynamics, we build applications for both external and internal consumption. We’re always innovating to make our development and deployment process more efficient. We refactor apps to get the benefits of a microservices architecture, to develop and test faster without stepping on each other, and to fully leverage containerization....
by Sandy Mappic
Jul 7
6 min read
As you may have heard by now, Stephen Covey – the author of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” passed away this week. He published this book for the first time in 1989, just as I was entering the workforce and had a strong influence on how I analyzed my...

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by AppDynamics Team
Sep 9
3 min read
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to increase demand for premium digital experiences, companies are evolving and introducing modern technologies into their IT architecture on a large scale to keep pace with the competition. The resulting level of complexity and data noise leaves them scrambling to manage a landscape fraught with...
by AppDynamics Team
Sep 9
6 min read
The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation by as much as four to seven years for companies in all sectors and regions, according to a recent McKinsey Global Survey. To keep pace with this rapid development life cycle, 90% of enterprises expect their cloud usage going forward to exceed prior plans....
by Ramiro Nagles
Sep 9
3 min read
In the world of modern applications, change is the only constant. Distributed architectures leveraging multi-technology stacks are the norm, and the cloud is a playground for software development and innovation. There is exponential growth in the quantity and quality of software, creating observability challenges for those in charge of software...
by Terence Fong
Aug 8
5 min read
Businesses are deploying aggressive digital transformation strategies to keep pace in today’s hypercompetitive IT landscape, and their application footprints are exploding exponentially in size and complexity. As a result, monitoring these ecosystems 24/7 from end to end — always a difficult endeavor — has become an even more overwhelming effort...
by AppDynamics Team
Jul 7
12 min read
The pandemic has changed our lives immeasurably. While every country has endured a very different journey through the pandemic, and communities have all faced their own unique challenges over the past 18 months, one thing is true for people all over the world; almost all of our normal routines and...
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